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Museum of madness

A journey through the lives and sufferings of various artists in which creativity and madness come together in the indelible representation of the most obscure part of the human mind. A unique environment that houses some masterpieces of the great history of international art, belonging to prestigious private collections and important Italian and international museums.

The Carnival In Viareggio

Viareggio, the capital of the Italian Carnival, gives an appointment to the five great Masquerade parade 2019.

Simply Giacomo Puccini

Semplicemente Giacomo Puccini is the title of the audiobook by Alexsandra Onorato, a well-known tourist guide from Lucca. The book, published by the Sillabe publishing house and supported by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio, will be presented on Tuesday (22 January) in the offices of the provveditorato agli studi di Lucca, in Piazza Guidiccioni.

The book is aimed at young people, children but also adults and offers the opportunity to get to know Puccini's life in a rather original way.

Extra Lucca, the treasures of the hills

At the Teatro del Giglio the edition of Extra Lucca with a new entry among the Oil Crowns that will be awarded in the company of Neri Marcorè.

Rich of novelties the number 7 edition of the market exhibition on new extra virgin olive oils, which also in 2019 returns in a revised version to offer experts, newcomers and operators an unmissable appointment dedicated to the oil culture in the region that has made EVO olive oil a distinctive feature of local cuisine.

Appuntamenti con l'arte

After a year full of events, including the very successful exhibition "per sogni e per chimere" dedicated to Giacomo Puccini, the Fondazione Ragghianti is preparing the 2019 calendar full of news with two important and challenging exhibitions.

January, promenades on the mountain

Apuan Alps or Apennine? The reassuring meadows pastures of the Tuscan Emilian Apennines or the "magic" places and landscapes of the Apuan Alps, mountains with sea views? The first days of January are perfect for an invigorating excursion in the mountains, well covered to enjoy the cold winter air with the certainty that at the end you will find... a good table to eat with local products and handicrafts.

A promenade in the winter solstice

Since millennia the days around the solstice are marked by important festivals and celebrations. A fortiori in places where the Sun itself seems to "play" and offer ideas for rituals and festivities.
In the Apuan Alps also the mountains play their part: reliefs with particular shapes, grouped in a singular way and ... with sea view, they contribute to create natural shows related to sunrises or sunsets on particular days of the year in places where man has always given immense value creating precise Solari watches on which to regulate an intimate relationship with Nature.

ViviLucca at Christmas

One day after another, walking through the streets of the historic center of Lucca you realize that a new light has come on, that the skating rink has arrived in Piazza Napoleone, that the decorations of lights and stars are more and more, sumptuous Christmas trees pop up in the shops.
Christmas is near!

Tradition has it that the Christmas holidays begin the day of the Immaculate Conception. The trees are decorated, the nativity scenes are set up.


A cribs tour in Tuscany

Living, portable, painted, historical, traditional, mechanical, scenic, in caves, houses, churches, squares, houses, palaces... Many occasions and a lot of tradition to experience the Christmas atmosphere. The Italian tradition celebrates Christmas mainly with the sacred representation of the Nativity of Jesus and in Lucca, land of figurines and ingenious craftsmen, the scenes of the Nativity are found rich and many.


Traditional festivals from the Immaculate to Epiphany

Christmas is a magical time to live in Tuscany where you can breathe the authentic atmosphere of winter festivities.

Torchlight processions and ritual fires, secular auspicious rites, probable remnants of ancient festivities for the winter solstice are celebrated especially in the mountain area. So the countless bonfires that light up almost to help the rising sun and illuminate the night of Christmas.

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