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Teatro del Giglio di Lucca


The Teatro del Giglio in Lucca is an "open theater”, always.

From 13 May from Tuesday to Saturday, from 11.00 am to 6.00 pm the doors of the Teatro del Giglio are open to welcome exhibitions, presentations, readings, short theatre and music performances, guided tours of the theater for citizens and guests.

The Theater is open, you don't need a reservation or a ticket, just organize yourself to take part in the events or enjoy what happens "here and now", perhaps for a coffee at the Theater's café.

Every day a series of interesting performative activities will be carried out, making the Teatro del Giglio a real place open for artists, actors, poets, performers who will be able to perform in a conventional and unconventional way.

In the cafeteria of the theatre, open again to the public, it will be possible to consult some of the volumes conserved in the Library of the Teatro del Giglio while listening in the background to the famous operas that have been staged in this historic cultural place of Lucca.

From the cafeteria it will be possible to access the foyer of the theater to visit the exhibition of costumes and scenic elements created for the productions in Lucca: a real journey through the history of the theatrical productions of the Giglio, created by the set designer Rosanna Monti. A path of great interest especially for tour guides, who will be able to accompany their groups within a place that is not only a venue for entertainment but where this project becomes, in fact, a multidisciplinary environment to all intents and purposes.

Social media, especially facebook and instagram, will be the main tools for communication and involvement in the project's initiatives. Live social media, reels, stories, which will allow the public to be constantly updated on the events, initiatives and guests who will be present during various occasions.

Coming next...

June 9 
3:30 pm in the Foyer - piano performance by the students of the Boccherini conservatory.

June 10
11:30 am at the Cafeteria - meeting with Umberto Sereni.

June 13
5:00 pm in the Foyer - essay by the students of the Luigi Boccherini Conservatory.

June 14
11:45 am in the Foyer - recital by the students of the Liceo Musicale Passaglia.
4:00 pm in the Foyer - How I met Puccini - Valentina Ciardelli, Stefano Teani, Benjamin Lebigre.
5:00 pm in the Foyer - Ginger Classico aperitifs.

June 16
4:30 pm at the Cafeteria - Meeting with Alberto Rigoni Teatro e Sport. Aspettando i tempi supplementari.

June 17
4:30 pm at the Cafeteria - Passi di Felicità. Meeting with Samantaha Cesaretti. Moderated by M.T Elena.

June 18
5:00 pm in the Foyer - Inauguration of the exhibition "Com'è bello far la moda" stage clothes by Raffaella Carrà as part of the Lucca Fashion Week(end)


The five opening days scheduled each week - from Tuesday to Saturday, from 11.00 am to 6.00 pm, until the end of June - will allow you to discover one of the Historical and Traditional Theaters of Italy, exploring the foyer and the cafeteria which will be known under a new and unedited guise.

The show in its most "traditional" form, known and loved by the audience, which finds life and expression on stage, is accompanied by a different way of managing the space, to open up to innovative ways that the Teatro del Giglio wishes to experience and share.

Talking about just a few of the protagonists of the project, we recall Stefano Giannotti, Francesco Zavattari, I sacchi di sabbia, Federico De Robertis, Nicola Fanucchi, Stefano Teani, Simona Generali, to which many others are added. The students of the Luigi Boccherini Conservatory will present some of the year-end essays in the theater foyer. Finally, there will be initiatives for the little ones with the presence of the puppeteers of the Pupi di Stac, but also events with in-depth study, book presentations and performative readings.