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Veloplus and Joelette

Travel and take part in events and walks without difficulty in safety and comfort.

Veloplus and Joelette, are available by reservation and allow a complete tour of the region's sights even for people with disabilities.


free joelette hire in Lucca



is a special cargo-bike, with assisted pedalling and a tilting platform on which a wheelchair can be fixed by means of special straps, allowing comfortable and easy transport by a single operator on asphalt surfaces.



is a vehicle instead driven by two operators, consisting of a comfortable seat with handles at the front and a handlebar at the rear, where the controls for the assisted traction of one wheel are located under the seat.
This device allows transport even on moderately uneven terrain, such as hilly paths or dirt tracks.

The machines, which are operated in cooperation with the associations Aeliante and Sentieri di Felicità, are available free of charge upon reservation by contacting: