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Submitted by Ant on 16. July 2021
i colori dell'estate a Lucca


The colors of summer in Lucca: strong and intense as the season, they change with the landscape and accompany days of relax and meditation.

From the historic center to the hills of Monte Pisano and the Pizzorne Plateau, the intense colors and rich flavors of summer alternate.



white marble against the deep blue sky for the city


the colors of summer the angel of san michele on the facade of the church in lucca


the summer sky is always more intense. In the historical center of Lucca, the white facades of the medieval churches stand out against the many shades of blue that the sky takes on during the day, in perfect combination with the greenish-blue colors of the inlays, bas-reliefs, scutures on the columns. Delicate in the morning, intense at noon and fiery in the evening during spectacular sunsets.

The morning, when temperatures are cooler, is the best time for a walk to discover the thousands of designs and stories carved and inlaid in these churches. On the church of San Michele and sn Martino in particular, masterpieces of art comacina in Lucca, you can try to play to find mermaids, knights, elephants, bears, pelicans, cranes, grapes, roses, pine cones and acantus, various monsters and famous people. There is also a portrait of Dante, did you know? Let's find him!

Even in the city, blue tones dominate the summer. "Lark" is the recommended filter for the picture of your Instagram profile. ;)


Golden yellow sheaves for the countryside


the colors of summer in Lucca: sheaf of hay in the plain of Lucca


In the plain of Lucca, it's time for sheaves and picnics. You can take advantage of the farmers' markets to gather good things to spread on a classic checked tablecloth, in the shade of an ancient tree or in the vineyard.
Tomatoes, cheeses, wines from the hills of Lucca and the good bread of Altopascio. For sweets, a stop in the villages where the bakeries offer a good choice of the classic "torte coi becchi" is a must.

To escape the heat, excellent the area of the lake of Gerardesca or the "golden words" at the source of the Acquedotto del Nottolini, one of the coolest valleys in the area, at the foot of Monte Pisano.

The recommended filter for the shooting is "Vintage".



a thousand shades of green for the hills


The colors of summer in Lucca; the hills of lucca in summer


Never was the plural so apt as that used for the hills of Lucca, a heterogeneous ensemble of oak woods, vineyards, olive groves, and the ever-present cypresses that mark the presence of small parish churches.
The hills of Lucca north of the city, the hill of Montecarlo, the valleys of Compitese, at the foot of Mount Pisano, the first reliefs of the Apennines, where, like in a precious necklace, follow the pearls of historic villas, the hills of Versilia that on the side of Lucca take the name of Morianese.

Just this area of Lucca, little known where a stroll through relaxing landscapes, historic villas and farms can reserve many surprises.
Via Francigena crosses it, passes not far from the Renaissance Villa di Forci and goes along the small parish churches of Santo Stefano and San Martino in Vignale, the vineyards of the fatotries: the estate of Santo Stefano, the factory of San Martino, the estate MariaTeresa, crosses the woods and then goes down towards Lucca.
If you are looking for a gastronomic destination, restaurants in the area offer, besides excellent dishes, unforgettable views.
In summer, the green dominates the landscape. From the silvery green of the olive trees to the more emerald green of the leaves of the vines, from the intense green of the oaks to the strong and dark green of the cypresses.

"Ludwig" is the filter that best enhances the green tones for the gallery on Instagram.


stones and bricks immersed in the green for the art villages of the mountains


fortress and village of villa basilica


A small plain, but nothing is missing. the hills surrounding Lucca rise fast until they reach the almost 1000 meters of Monte Pisano and Altpiano delle Pizzorne. An excursion in this area will not leave you disappointed.

Perched between the plain of Lucca and the Serchio valley, the villages around Villa Basilica stand out on bright, confident spurs with patches of red roofs and small fortresses of local gray stone.
Everyone's desires are easy to satisfy here. The scented walk of fir trees and chestnut trees in bloom, well away from cell phones and PCs, for those who want to unplug. A visit to the villages of Villa Basilica, Colognora, Brangedlio and Piteglio, and the Rocca, for those who just can't resist the art villages where you can discover small and big treasures.
If you are in the company of young explorers, the adventure park and
Lovers of historical paths will note in their diary the date of August 24, the day when pilgrims from the two valleys climb to the hermitage of San Bartolomeo in Pizzorna, to meet and share the day.

To make the most of these natural environments we suggest "no filter".

Enjoy your summer!