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Submitted by Kathrin on 20. January 2022
san pellegrino in alpe. The devil's tour


An off-season sunset with intense and deep colors, a regenerating trek in the snow to disconnect from everyday life, the charming city seen from above or a very special church that seems to protect its territory.

Even a winter landscape can offer wonderful colors and emotions.

January, with its slowness and long days, is the ideal month to get recharged in nature or visit a city of art dreaming of a new start. Here are four ideas in Lucca and its province for a Sunday in January.


Points of view


Lucca from the top of a bell tower on a cold winter day is an opportunity to climb the 217 steps of the mighty bell tower of the Cathedral of San Martino. An effort paid off by a unique panorama. From the 60 meters up there, the highest of the city towers, the view from the city extends to the plain of Lucca and its gentle hills, to the green Pizzorne area and to the first peaks of the Apuan Alps. An elevated view of the city, its narrow streets, the typical red roofs that light up at sunset illuminating the monuments and the numerous churches that tell centuries of history. A privileged and exciting point of view that invites you to discover the cathedral (from 1070), its fantastic stories and the many masterpieces including the ancient Volto Santo crucifix from below. A warm spelt soup and a slice of buccellato is the ideal way to end the day with a taste of traditional local cuisine.


A terrace with a view


Tofori, a balcony on the hills for those seeking silence and spirituality, the church of Tofori, on the top of a small hill north of Capannori, is a place to discover. Located between heaven and earth, it is one of the most beautiful viewpoints over the plain, where you can spend a few hours in front of the changing green of the hills, after visiting the ancient church of Santa Maria Assunta. This is an area for walking at a leisurely pace and going down to the valley, you will cross historic villas and farms for a good glass of red wine from the Lucca hills. Is winter really that gray and boring?


The sea in winter


The piers, terraces on the water. The show of the sun plunging into the sea is always unique and on winter days it can become really special. The piers of Versilia, like lounges on the sea, offer relaxation and spectacular sunsets. In order not to lose even a single moment, you need to arrive at the right time and not overdo the photos. Here the sky is colored with orange and fiery red tones, but also mauve, pink and blue, in contrast with the rugged and rocky peaks of the Apuan Alps. The sound of the seagulls and the waves spread pure energy. After sunset, renowned fish restaurants welcome you reserving unforgettable views. A "tour" between nature, faith and legends, in Garfagnana there are many places to walk surrounded by snow or just to enjoy a magnificent sunset at high altitude.


White as snow, the devil's ride.

San Pellegrino in Alpe, (1524 m. asl), on the border between the regions of Tuscany and Emilia Romagna, at the pass crosses the historic Via Matildica del Volto Santo and the Apennine trail 00.


San-Pellegrino-in-Alpe-Devils-tour-Simone Rabassini


The Devil's "tour" starts from the town square, a place of pilgrimage and penance. A pleasant excursion in the magic snowy landscape suitable for everyone. A warm duvet and a pair of snowshoes are enough to enter the enchanted world. From here the view is exceptional over the round peaks of the Apennines and it reaches the unmistakable skyline of the Apuan Alps.

At the end of the tour the reward is a stop at a shelter for a tasty dish of local cold cuts.