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September in Lucca 2019

In 742, he arrived in Lucca, on a cart drawn by indomitable oxen and after crossing the Mediterranean Sea on an unmanned boat, a mysterious dark-skinned crucifix.

Murabilia 2019

Every year in the first weekend of September the city walls of Lucca on the bastions of San Regolo, La Libertà, in the Botanical Garden and in the basement of the walls host Murabilia, the market exhibition of quality gardening, one of the most important Italian events dedicated to flowers, plants and gardening.
About 250 specialized Italian and foreign nurseryman exhibitors with an offer that ranges in all sectors of the plant world with special or newly introduced plants, old and new cultivars, equipment and furnishings.

To the Opera! - music, places, atmospheres

A summer at the Opera, atmospheres, flavours and colours of Puccini's places.

Lucca Summer nights

A hot summer to spend in the cool hills or walking in the shadow on the walls, and in the evening ... a lot of culture! There are many occasions to take advantage of the cooler hours and get to know Lucca and its museums in a different way during summertime.

You're welcome!

Art Nouveau Week

Not only sea in Versilia. Behind the most famous beaches and waves of Italy, there is a Versilia made up of art and culture, already the scene at the beginning of the 20th century of that artistic avant-garde Art Nouveau that, with the bright atmosphere of the coast, attracted Giacomo Puccini, Pinio Nomellini, Luigi dei Servi, Galileo Chini, artists who "invented" the Versilia of "baths", Carnival, piers, the promenade with the fashionable architecture that are still the hallmark of this Mediterranean "promenade".

the New York Times says...

Art, music and cuisine are the main attractions of Lucca according to Ingrid K. Williams, who in her article "6 places in Europe offering shelter from the crowd"" recently published on (online version of the famous American newspaper) proposes Lucca as an "enchanting alternative" to Florence.

Arcobaleno d'Estate: a genius tour

A genius tour! On June 21st on the occasion of the event Toscana Arcobaleno d'Estate, the association of tourist guides Turislucca proposes a visit to the city in the footsteps of the genius of Leonardo in the year dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci.

A guided tour inside the city walls and its genius. A leap in time and space and among the many disciplines in which the people of Lucca have been, in their own way, "brilliant".

Teatro del Giglio in the poster Lucca Comics&Games 2019

In the year of its 200th anniversary, the Teatro del Giglio is the monument chosen as the scene of the poster for the 2019 edition of Lucca Comics and Games.

After the Guinigi Tower, the Amphitheatre, the Walls and many other monumental buildings, it is the historic city theatre that will be the scene of a kiss that will go down in history between a charming girl who could be a Puccini heroine and an android in search of humanity.

A new painting for church Santa Caterina

At the end of the 19th century the big building of the tobacco factory in Lucca employed hundreds of people. The female cigar makers of Lucca became famous for their ability to make the famous "stortignaccolo" which, actually realized because of an accident, got immediately famous.
Those women came from the countryside and used to gather in the morning before work in the small church of Santa Caterina, one of the most beautiful examples of Baroque architecture in Lucca, that became the so-called

May, a month full of music!

Ends april with the International Jazz Festival, May begins and is all dedicated to music.

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