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Open museums, guided tours, initiatives for children and families, dancing in the squares, live music, special events with the highlight at midnight in Piazza San Martino, but also open shops and restaurants and DJ sets in the clubs. A very rich programm and as usual aimed at a heterogeneous public of all ages - from the youngest to teenagers, up to adults and elder people - that's the White Night of Lucca, scheduled for Saturday 26 August inside the historic centre.



Two thousand years of history in a tour around the city walls. The history of Lucca as it has never been told before.

Lucca Historiae Fest is a trip from bastion to bastion in a journey through history with extraordinary events.


4-5-6 August 2023 - City walls

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A Supermoon in July and then a double full moon in August, but the show that everyone is waiting for is the night of San Lorenzo with the amazing astronomical event of the "shooting stars".


On the city walls of Lucca, music features the most romantic event of summer.




The Puccini celebrations for 2023 are an ongoing billboard, which will present international artists and orchestras in Lucca from July to September.

The opening event is entrusted to the baton of maestra  Beatrice Venezi who will conduct 90 musicians of the Carlo Felice Theater Orchestra in Genoa in an open-air opera concert, on the stage of the Lucca Summer Festival, on July 11.

LE MURA DI LUCCA - infopoint


In the second century BC, the Romans founded the city of Lucca and surrounded it with a circle of walls, about 9 meters high and hinged at the corners by round towers. Four gates protected by proud lions were the exit of the cardo and decumanus maximus, which arose from the city forum, to head from the city towards the four cardinal points.



An old but very elegant coat made of heavy, dark cloth with the ever-present light silk scarf, a wide and long velvet dress with a high waist belt and a crown of ribbons and flowers to be placed on a head of soft curls, a princely gown made of silk tulle and embroidery of silver threads. For accessories, fibulas and bracelets with an ancient history. But where?



The Teatro del Giglio in Lucca is an "open theater”, always.

From 13 May from Tuesday to Saturday, from 11.00 am to 6.00 pm the doors of the Teatro del Giglio are open to welcome exhibitions, presentations, readings, short theatre and music performances, guided tours of the theater for citizens and guests.




Two thousand years of history in a tour around the city walls. The history of Lucca as it has never been told before.

Lucca Historiae Fest is a trip from bulwark to bulwark in a journey through history with extraordinary events.


12-13-14 May 2023 - City walls



the official trailer

Easter and Easter Monday in the Piana di Lucca


Spring is in the air with milder temperatures in this early April which precedes the Easter celebrations. Longer days and good weather spread good vibes and the desire to go out and make short trips or excursions out of town, to discover cities and places never visited before or some inside tips that we would like to know better.


Here are some ideas to put on your agenda for your Easter holidays in the Piana di Lucca.



From the San Regolo bulwark, to the La Libertà bulwark, along the curtain walls to the Lucca Botanical Garden.

VerdeMura is the first of the great gardening market exhibitions with over 170 Italian and foreign exhibitors: nurseries of plants and horticultural species, shrubs, bulbs, tools and furnishings for the garden and vegetable garden and excellent artisan products and a rich program.


The protagonists of the 2023 edition are the camellia flowers


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