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Summer edition of the Lucca Teatro Festival: "Cosa sono le nuvole?" (What are clouds?). A series of theater performances in the area of Lucca as a part of the Real Collegio Estate festival. From  Contemporary to Classic theater, from Narration to Social and Street Theater, to Figure Theater with performances chosen among the most prestigious Italian companies of theater for children and teenagers.

A program not only for children, but also for adults. An opportunity for a young audience to explore the different aspects, doubts and curiosities of the performances, discover the secrets and behind the scenes of a fascinating and generally "unknown" profession. Reservations are required.

In the program on Tuesday 4 August

9:00 pm - Courtyard of the Agorà Cultural Center - Lucca | Pinocchio. Show of storytellers, actors and puppets with Alessandro Gigli.

July 8 / September 9, 2020
Start / End Time
21:00 / 23:00
Cortile del Centro Culturale Agorà. Via delle trombe - Lucca
Free admission

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