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Submitted by Kathrin on 11. June 2022


The river landscape is relaxing and pleasant in any season.
The Serchio flows near Lucca and does not cross the city, as usually happens. A natural environment where you can find nature and relax just a stone's throw from the city walls of Lucca.


serchio river


Submitted by Ant on 13. May 2022


A longing for fantasy, thick, shadowy forests, lights creeping through the foliage, castles dominating the valley and from which one can enjoy spectacular views of the mountains, torch-lit squares that come alive with Renaissance dances, sword duels and soldiers in armour.

Fantasy in these parts arrived with Ludovico Ariosto, governor of the Este Garfagnana.


castiglione di garfagnana


Discovering art and history in the places of faith through thematic guided tours in the churches of Lucca, caskets of artistic masterpieces and landmarks for the city and the territory.

Scheduled for today, Saturday, June 18

16:00 - Church of SS. Giovanni e Reparata | The church of SS. Giovanni e Reparata, from cathedral to urban pieve. Curated by Francesco Niccoli.

Guided tour of the paintings and frescoes of the church and special opening of the Chapel of Sant'Ignazio.


Traveling arts and crafts market in the most beautiful squares of the historic center of Lucca.

From Wednesday June 8 to Thirsday June 9 in Piazza San Frediano with crafts and food.
The artisans of the area and from outside the province will sell valuable and high quality artifacts.

More than 30 stalls with different kinds of Italian products, from leather goods to scarves, from costume jewelery to clothes, but also typical food can be purchased at the market.





Spring event with the exhibitions of the XVIII edition of Lucca Film Festival, the festival of film culture with a multidisciplinary dimension, with a unique format in the panorama of European festivals. Two exhibitions to investigate and deepen the link and relations between cinema and visual arts.

From 30 April to 8 May the location of the Ragghianti Foundation hosts the exhibition Bill Viola.The Seventies, created in collaboration with Over The Real, curated by Maurizio Marco Tozzi and Alessandro Romanini.


The works of the local painter Dario Lustro Barsotti are on display from 30 April to 15 May at Casermetta San Paolino on the city walls of Lucca, in the headquarters of the historical re-enactment association Contrade San Paolino.

In the barracks you can admire the works of abstract and figurative art by Lustro, as well as relics, clothes and tools related to the crossbow tradition. An opportunity to present the "Cencio", the symbolic banner of the Palio delle Contrade of the current year, whose painting was commissioned precisely to Lustro.


2nd edition of the Independent Youth Theater Festival, an underground theater production staged in the beautiful location of the Real Collegio.

An exciting program that brings to stage theater performances by actors and directors known and appreciated by the citizens, with particular attention to independent experimental and disruptive projects.

Scheduled on Friday 29 April

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