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Christmas Music

An inviting program of Christmas Concerts with a great variety of styles, music from the local Christmas traditions of Lucca, but also traditions of other countries linked with them in this particular time of the year with a special Christmas holiday soundtrack.
Music resounds in theaters, churches, auditoriums and even outdoors in the squares. Also in Lucca, the city of music, the Christmas period is characterized by a tribute to Giacomo Puccini.

What should I put in my backpack?

Walk along the Francigena and learn about local products in six meetings organized by Slow Food that reveal the ... flavor of the Via Francigena in the Lucca area. From oil to wild herbs, from sweets to legumes, to soups.

Photolux 2018

Waiting for the biennial to return in 2019, Photolux offers us a very respectable 2018 edition. The festival dedicated to the eighth art will host in its reduced version works by internationally renowned artists, competitions, workshops, portfolio readings and talks open to all. As usual, will be exhibited, among others, the winning photos of the 2018 editions of the "World Press Photo" and the "Leica Oskar Barnack Award", two of the most prestigious photographic awards in the world.

3 big churches of Lucca

Lucca is known as the city of a hundred churches. Within the Renaissance walls there is a rich heritage of religious architecture, small oratories, private chapels of noble palaces and big churches, representing architectural and artistic, as well as a religious heritage.

Il Desco

The 14th edition of Il Desco 2018 returns to Lucca on November 30th, 1st, 2nd December / 7th, 8th and 9th December 2018, a table full of flavors and knowledge, a showcase of typical products of the highest quality: a real itinerary of Italian taste included in the calendar of events 2018 Year of Italian food.

LC&G 2018,final countdown

Countdown to the most important European cross-media event, dedicated to the world of comics, games and videogames, illustration and fantasy literature, intelligent entertainment.

The exibhits of LC&G 2018

Countdown to the most important European cross-media event, dedicated to the world of comics, games and videogames, illustration and fantasy literature, and intelligent entertainment.

Family day at the museum

Everybody at the Museum!

The F@Mu, project, his year at its sixth edition, it has now become the cultural event dedicated to Families with the largest and most important children in Italy. The Museums are organizing to make their proposals "family friendly" to invict the family to spend the weekend, together with the Museum.

Small but precious! is the theme of 2018: jewels, miniatures, coins are the small but precious objects that can be known in the museums of Lucca.


the Holy Cross "Luminara"

The highlight of the September festivities in Lucca is the Luminara della Santa Croce, a very popular and heart-felt occasion for the city.

Every year on September 13th, with the traditional candlelight procession, the city pays homage to the Volto Santo, the wooden crucifix that according to the legend has come from the Holy Land and thanks to a medieval monk was brought to Lucca on a wooden cart pulled by oxen.

The new sketches of Viareggio Carnival

The summer is not yet over and Viareggio's tank drivers are already busy with their work to prepare another fantastic edition of the Carnival. In advance the papier-mâché magicians submit their projects to a commission of experts, which, if approved, will come to life in floats and masquerades on foot, giving rise to real traveling theaters accompanied by music, dancing and singing of costumed figures.  The raw material of the floats is papier-mâché, or rather cast paper, which makes it possible to create impressive but at the same time light works.

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